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Darwun St. James

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Author Darwun St. James

I am an author-songwriter, a storyteller my entire life. As a child I was always creating imaginary worlds and characters. I'm a natural rebel and a junkie for knowledge, driven by curiosity and a need for Authentic Life Experience. I love to travel; my father was a ship captain and consequently I either lived-in or visited twenty countries in my first twenty-five years. I eventually settled in California where my natural talents for music and the arts could finally develop.

I write what I know... in one way or another I am that girl!  I'm a former Model & a Songwriter/Recording Artist. People Magazine described us as a cross between Annie Lennox, Olivia Newton John and Sting; a great grouping. I love to cook and eat healthy; my latest epicurean conquest is an organic garden. I tend to take things apart to find out how they work. I became a patented inventor in 1996. I'm a science-geek, a trained Hypnotherapist and I'm also a mom of two beautiful adults. Each is unique, strong, independent and a natural rebel too. I believe We can BE what we WILL to be! Don't live in the darkness of Fear~ Abandon Fear & Live in Joy!


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