'Tear Me Up' by: Darwun St James - Darwun St. James
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‘Tear Me Up’ by: Darwun St James

‘Tear Me Up’ by: Darwun St James

Yes, Its Me…    Have a Listen…

Tear Me Up; featured in 80’s Cultish Paramount Film Noir/Casablanca soundtrack; Thief of Hearts

(Hint: look for the Party scene with addictive substances)

@ParamountPics, @CasablancaRecs @DarwunStJames darwun.com

Tear Me Up                                                 Lyric: D St James

In this light your face looks so innocent

Of-course we know it isn’t so

 Some say, you’ve got to watch the quiet ones

They keep that “Kinky stuff” in-tow

I never know just how you’re gonna feel

I’m never sure what you’ll say

The new lines on my face, brought to me by,

 A little boy who just loves to play

Tear me Up Break me Down~  Then we’ll do it all over again

Tear me up Consume encore’ ~Vien e mi consume’ mi amour

Tear me up…Tear me up…  ~


Ya know, I went to see a shrink today

Tweed suit and all, ya know the kind

I thought perhaps he could explain some things

Relieve the pressures on my mind

He said there is nothing wrong with me

That a few sessions couldn’t cure

My problem is a few psychotic needs

For a S & M Connoisseur

Tear Me Up  Break Me Down~Then you’ll do it all over again

De Cher Moi, consume moi encore~Vien e mi consume mi amour

Tear me Up Tear me Up….

Tear me up……..Tear Me UP….