First We Must Be Dreamers - Darwun St. James
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First We Must Be Dreamers


First We Must Be Dreamers

First we must be Dreamers: Dreamers Allow themselves to Believe that said Dreams CAN COME TRUE!

Next we apply the Energy of Purposeful intent to Manifesting Said Dreams into Reality…

Sadly many spend so little time defining what Happiness Truly means to them individually that when they achieve their loosely desired Dreams they are dissatisfied… and rightfully so…They got caught up in the Image and not the Substance of Life.

We must focus on what really makes us Happy, what makes us smile. What brings us Joy, and peace and an internal calm.

Then We Achieve the Blessing (fruits) of our Labors I am reminded of a familiar saying ‘My Cup Runneth Over’.

T+E=C Thought +Energy =Creation. It was true in the Beginning and it is true now. Control your thoughts and control your life.  We can be as Bountiful as we BELIEVE Possible. When one believes something is achievable then it is far more likely to happen than not.

If you believe you are ‘A Loser’ and life is crap it’s usually true… because that is your focus; ‘I can’t’.  To that I will tell you the same thing my elders told me, ‘Can’t never Could do Anything!’ Focus on the opposite, ‘I Can’ and see what happens.

What have you got to lose, another crappy day?

Thought +Energy =Creation   ~Darwun St James     

Live in Joy, Darwun