T+E=C - Darwun St. James
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T+E =C 

…a formula for happiness


by Author Darwun St James

Chapter 1   (preview)

Do you believe?

 Creativity and abundance are inalienable birthrights of humanity. To create is Human. Creative abundance isn’t reserved for just the gifted few, leaving the remainder of us resigned to a mundane life, unless of course we believe that this is true. To achieve the art of Creation, we must believe we are capable of manifesting destiny. There is a big difference between intellectualizing a concept and internalizing it. Ascending to a higher vibration requires conscience effort. First we must believe. Do you believe? If you’re like me, then you were born with an instant-gratification mentality. You don’t want the long version of anything; cut to the chase scenes, please. Many people wait until the movie comes out, because they don’t have time to read a long book full of vague metaphors and suppositions.

Does that sound like you? “Don’t make me guess, just give me the formula to happiness.”


Okay, I can do that. First, you must believe that success and happiness are possible before you can achieve it. Belief is the number one essential factor to higher manifestations and the ability to create your desired reality. When you pray, meditate or focus on your wishes, do you believe that you will receive it? If you don’t believe it, then it will not occur. It’s that simple. I am a Light-Worker. It is my goal to bring joy and happiness to the world. It’s my desire to manifest happiness and live in joy. It’s my aspiration to enlighten others with the knowledge that we’re all Creators; free to create joy. In that realization, they become Light-Workers too. The more Light-Workers I/we create, the better chances are for humanity to ascend to a higher frequency.

Our civilization must learn to abandon Fear and live in Joy and Peace. Humankind needs to make the leap to a higher frequency or perish. Have you not noticed the mass chaos created by humanity in its current lower frequency? Our world needs to hear news stories about Human kindness instead of human atrocities? They are out there. Deliberate acts of kindness are happening all over the world, but we don’t hear about it because it won’t amass the same ratings as blood and terror. Media is a business driven by the monetary result of sensationalism.
Unbridled Fear is contaminating our world with pain, poverty, corruption, greed and death. Driven mad by a material world, our so-called civilized society is on the path to manifesting its mass destruction. But it doesn’t have to be so, we can evolve. We can do better, we must do better.

Even Earth has raised its vibration levels recently, yet another sign that the human race must follow suit. Confirmed in 1954 by the German physicist W.O Schumann, the Earth’s resonates at a frequency of 7.83 Hz; (commonly known as the Schumann Resonance). Schumann stated that the resonance of Earth was at or around 7.83Hz, and this has been so for thousands of years. However, since 1980, Earth’s vibration has progressively increased. Since 2014 and into 2015 the measurable changes are consistently at or above 8Hz, and sometimes the resonance fluctuations are off the charts. Quintessentially this means that Time is speeding up. According to NASA, these vibrational fluctuations correspond to a multitude of changes; Earth’s magnetic environment, atmospheric conditions, and solar activities to name a few. If you wish to track the Schumann Resonance changes yourself check out the Russian Space Observing System. I included the web page address in my reference materials index. (The site is in Russian but you can click the Translation option)

Since the 1980’s an influx of spirituality books and programs to accelerate human awareness has successfully begun to move the populous away from fear-based practices. As we evolve with the planet, our bodies are changing accordingly, with Greater intuitive and healing abilities. Most children born from the mid-1980s naturally accept these abilities and reject fear-based low-frequency behaviors. A quick example: it’s not logical for them to be discriminatory toward same-sex marriage as global societies have done for centuries. These post-Schumann babies are naturally born Light-Workers aligned with Earth’s new frequencies. I believe they can and will accelerate the rest of us into the Aquarius age of enlightenment where our thoughts will manifest almost instantly.

Humanity’s spiritual growth rate is increasing at a surprising rate since this shift in Earth’s vibrational resonance. More people are beginning to seek joy in alternative lifestyles over the status quo and in doing so they pave the way for others to Live in Joy. Many are looking for new ways to release fear-based habits, thoughts, and behaviors. Do you believe there is hope for us? A successful assimilation can bring our world into conformity with more peaceful customs and attitudes that perpetuate a new existence for humanity and Earth. Is that so terrible? Now, in the 21 century we are rapidly evolving on a national and global level.

In the USA, we elected a black president, twice! Now gay marriage is legal throughout America; hey that’s definitely progress! The entire country is speaking out against racism, inequality, and corporate greed. We applaud Whistleblowers more than condemned, and belligerent celebrity billionaires can no longer spew racially-charge rhetoric without getting fired! Amen.

Please don’t confuse my point, this isn’t about politics. My concern is that globally we are too complacent. En mass, we don’t think for ourselves, and many feel so disconnected that they won’t even try? I believe this is monumentally ironic in our Head in your App, connectivity-obsessed internet world? As a global society, we need to engage in active thought, purposeful actions, and dutiful participation outside of our semi-automated lives. We can’t have a functional multinational society without meaningful interactions. Looking the other way no longer works when we are running out of ways to feed the world with a population of 8 billion.

Now more than ever, we need to learn to work together. We can no longer allow the needs of a few to outweigh the needs of the whole. The more we publicly chastise the insufferable behaviors of corrupt power-mongers the better are our chances for a compassionate society.

Right here in the USA people are actively developing new technologies for energy independence to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. Yet globally we are way behind the clean energy curve?

Why can’t America move the money where it needs to go? Why won’t we implement tax incentives and compensations for ingenuity and energy resourcefulness in America? What happen to The American Dream? Where is the fearless soul that is/was America?

I know you are out there, aching to emerge once again. The Pope recently made comments about humanity’s moral obligation to protect our lives and planet Earth from climate change. Hey, this is real progress~ I half expect him to lift the ban on Gays next… Well maybe not? Of course, you know I’m just messing with the Pope in jest… You may call me an idealist, but I absolutely believe mankind can affect positive change even this late in the game.

Of course, the corresponding backlash to my utopian dream is apparent in the Fear-based political rhetoric spouted in major media talking points aimed at war, discrimination, chaos and elitist domination. If you watch The News then you know it is scary out there. The media is in a-frenzy as always. “Terrorism and ISIS are out of control,” they shout and of course they air highlights of a beheading as teasers for the five, ten and eleven o’clock news. The Media no longer reports the news~ they create it! Sensationalism is commonplace worldwide, they call it advertising. Fear sells! It used to be Sex sells, but nowadays it’s Fear. How many products have you purchased because a commercial scared you?

Take a breath; we can’t fix things all at once. But know this, the solution begins and ends with Love, and Happiness. Happiness is contagious, and like a virus it is easily contracted and yours for the taking. Do you believe that happiness is possible for you? Don’t let a fear-monger mentality shake your resolve to be happy and live in joy. When we learn to raise our vibration levels, we raise our manifestation abilities. Be Happy. Love and happiness emits the highest vibrational wave, so naturally playtime is essential to our ascension. Things like meditation, music, dancing, laughter, even fishing works for some. Anything that raises your level of happiness and joy raises your vibration level.

Positive change starts within us, individually with liberty and justice for all in mind.

Service to others is a fast-track to higher vibration frequencies and joy. When you give to others, you are giving to yourself. When we are the cause for others joy, happiness is our reward. Try it yourself and discover the joy it brings to all.

Trust your intuition. Trust your gut feelings; believe that you know the answer, and the answer will come. Your intuition is the receiver of the messages sent from ascended masters. Trust your intuition, for it is a direct line to your higher self. Think about it, do you follow your instincts? When you have a sudden inspiration, do you follow that instinct or do you talk yourself out of it? Like so many humans I sometimes forget that I have the power to create joy and happiness. When I forget that my Words and Thoughts are omnipotent, inevitably chaos follows. However, when I remember my true nature and wholeheartedly embrace my power to create, then joy, happiness, and success are once again my companions.

For faster manifestations of your desired results be open to the messages coming your way. The universal source intelligence and ascended masters are trying to help us, believe it. The more you accept and learn to recognize your connection to the divine source and ascended masters the faster you will achieve your desired results. Like anything, the more you practice the better you get. Maintaining positive thoughts and behaviors attracts others of like-minds to you, which increases successful manifestations for all. Positive begets positive. Fear keeps us from following our intuition. The fear of rejection, ridicule or loss, will manifest into your reality if that is all you think. Fear is self-sabotage don’t punish yourself with Fear. There is no Fear in Love. Perfect love drives out fear because Fear has to do with punishment. ~John 4:18, The Bible.

Fear is a Have and Have-Not mentality. Don’t sell yourself and your dreams short, you have a right to love and laughter and wealth as much as the next person. When fear is ruling our emotions, we are not working from the core emotion of Love. Love is a Have it All mentality. Focus on manifesting joy, love, vibrant health and abundance and you’ll see life immediately improve. Be generous with yourself~ you deserve it! So go ahead and create abundantly, it’s your life to improve. GOD, or the universal source energy and ascend masters (saints) know that once we realize our true nature and evolve, fear and loss will no longer be relevant. Then the global defilement of humanity and Earth will not persist.

Why do you think government leaders and corporate power-mongers work so hard to conceal the true creative nature of humankind? They want us to remain complainant. If we didn’t fear poverty and loss, corporations wouldn’t be able to dupe us into working menial jobs for a minimum wage that doesn’t cover our minimum needs. Fear is the weapon the 1% power-mongers use to bind 99% of the workforce into monetary servitude.

We forge the Chains we wear in life~ Charles Dickens

The universal source energy and ascended masters are trying to help us change this, believe it and pay attention to the signs. They are always attempting to send us clues or messages. The more you accept and learn to recognize your Creative Source and connection to the Divine Source the faster you will achieve your desired results. Like anything, the more you practice, the better you get. Maintaining positive thoughts and behaviors attracts others of like-minds to you, which in turn increases positive manifestations for all. Positive begets positive. Many people believe the messengers communicate with numbers. Have you been seeing triple digits and repeating numbers perhaps? If you have, then you are being reminded that you are a Creator; free to manifest your destiny. You too have the power to create and re-create your reality, if you believe!