ANGEL SINS - Darwun St. James
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ANGEL SINS (Angel Sins series Book 1)

by Author Darwun St James

Hello and Welcome to ANGEL SINS, book one in my ANGEL SINS Series.
I know Angel intimately; she is an indelible part of my divergent personality. The good news is I lived to tell the stories and I now can to help others. As a former model, make-up artist and recording artist in Los Angeles I learned a few shortcuts and I definitely know about some of the pitfalls to avoid. I can’t tell Angel’s wild and wicked story without background on her childhood and complex relationships. It’s no secret that there are many Dark-Angels in the world who can relate to her story in one way or another. Rest assured to those who’ve asked, ANGEL SINS AGAIN is coming in 2016.

Live large, Darwun


CHAPTER 1: (preview) Where do I start?

“Thank you Father for scheduling these private sessions, Catholics are in my family but in truth I was raised a protestant. This is my first time in confession and I’ve committed too many sins to recall in one visit.”
“You came to the right place Angel. As I told you when we spoke on the phone, it is never too late to confess your sins and reunite with God. You said you come from Catholic relatives and plan to marry into a catholic family, so let’s start by reacquainting yourself with our customs. Are you prepared to begin?

“Yes I think so…but please help me if I get stuck.”

I could feel my pulse in my neck as I took a deep breath and exhaled. “Forgive me Father for I have sinned, I’m nineteen and this is my first time… well no that’s not exactly true. I will be twenty in two months. Great, this is my first confession and I start with a lie.” I held my breath against the panic swelling within…this always happens when I talk about the past. I stroked my rosary beads nervously. Since finding them on my hospital bedside two years ago I’m rarely without them. Father Brennan restrained a compassionate smile… “God knows what you meant Angel, please continue.” I exhaled slowly. “I accuse myself of many repeat offenses Father, grave and mortal sins. I accuse myself of venial sins too. I…I…, What if I can’t remember them all? It may already be too late for me.” The words arrest my breath and panic sets in.

“Relax child; one of my favored pastimes is reading the daily newspaper, therefore I am well aware of your extraordinary life circumstances. I think its best we deal first with the more traumatic events troubling you at this time. The rest will come to you in future confessionals.” “Thank you Father. Since we aren’t in the booth, can we call `em sessions? I know I’m still under the eyes of God.” Father Brennan offered a patient and conciliatory smile, “Well, technically we aren’t in the confessional. And I understand how this may feel like a session since we are speaking face to face but remember Angel; we are always under the eyes of God.” “Thank you… I think that made it worse.” Laughing, I exhaled and dove in. “Okay to make this easier to remember I’ll reference the Ten Commandments one by one. I am ashamed to admit I’ve probably broken all ten and some more than once.” I wait for a response but there is only a patient nod. I toss the rosary back and forth between my hands awkwardly. “So how does this work, must I confess to everything before I am forgiven?”

“Oh no once you confess with contrition I absolve you of those sins in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I see you already have a rosary?” I stop tossing the rosary and offered a conciliatory smile. “Oh that’s a relief.” “Angel I urge you to continue your therapy sessions along with further private confessionals until you are able to recall all sins. In your case, sin is not the only that needs to be washed from your soul.”
“I’m sorry Father, I’m more nervous than I thought I would be. But you’re right; therapy is the one place where I can safely reveal my terrible secrets. In fact I have a session right after this.”
“Have no fear; your secrets are also safe with God.” “What happens if I forget and leave something out, will I be damned?” Father Brennan smiled kindly, “No my child, when we confess our sins with sincere contrition, God believes we suffered enough. Once we are forgiven, we are expected to be joyful for absolution and go in peace, cleansed of sin. Are you ready?” “Yes, I think so.”

“You may begin.”

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been nineteen years and this is my first confession.”



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