Mud 'n Blood - Darwun St. James
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Mud ‘n Blood

Mud ‘n Blood

Mud `n Blood


War is hell, either side you’re on, Blue vs. Grey, Red vs. Blue

From the 1800’s, to World War two, lies and hate, equals fire and cold

It ends with songs of death, sung by young and old

Each fight is different, yet they’re all the same

Let there be no shame, as their loved ones cry

As they all lie in the Mud `n Blood

When war’s the game, they all die

In the fields of Mud `n Blood


Look to the Viet Cong hell or let the mid-east horrors tell

In sands or jungles, Death’s the same; it’s all the same

As their loved ones cry, cauz, they all die in vain

In the Mud `N Blood, they all die…

In a field of Mud `n Blood


It’s a living hell too, for those left behind

Keeping the fires lit-true, and hope in the eyes

Of the very young, and the very old

As they pray for mercy on every soul

All their loved ones cry…, on no matter which side

Their loved ones cry, as they all die

In the fields of Mud `n Blood


And the ones who made it home, live in their on private hell

Haunted by the ones who fell, in the Mud `n Blood

In the fields of Mud `n Blood

In the fields of Mud `n Blood

Mud `n Blood…. Mud `n Blood

Ooo oooh ooo ooo ooh Mud ‘n Blood



©9/05   D Darwun St James Lyrics & Melody ~

R Kozz Kosinski /Music & Arrangements