Cricket - Darwun St. James
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by Author Darwun St James

CRICKET is a Classic American Fairy tale the Whole Family will enjoy and Readers can’t wait to see the Movie! A fantasy action adventure that captures your imagination on page one; CRICKET is about an 11yr old tomboy named Cricket and her magical adventures in the dangerous Louisiana swamp lands. Cricket is lured into the spooky swamps of the Nether-Zone where she discovers the magical inhabitants of the Enchanted Isle and her True Destiny among Shape-shifters, Supernatural Characters and Voodoo Priestesses. You won’t be able to put it down and you’ll be sad when it ends!

Book Quotes

Madame Teche exclaimed, Mon ‘Dieu, You want a Wand?  Wands are for Witches, Ma Cher Cricket- You are a Priestess of the Great Spirit’s Light

“A mix of Ancient Blood with New, Blend the Old-Ones to Review…Casting Ancient Gifts and Powers too,Bequeathed Now upon Me, T`Cricket LaRue !”

“Summer Magic is in the air… and the Full Moon takes it everywhere…my name is M.C. Crawdaddy and they are The Bayou Boyz”

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