Enough Is Enough

Lately, I find myself wondering what’s happened to our American society. How did we get here?

At what point did America turn away from being a peaceful and accepting Country that welcomes Big Dreams, and Dreamers? When did America turn into a hateful, closed-mind society?

Who decided that Science isn’t Real? Why are My Rights as a Woman in the US less secure now, than they were 30 years ago?

It’s not unusual for American Children to be Gunned Down in their schools? What kind of a screwed-up society has mass shootings on a weekly basis? I resent that I can’t shop at Walmart anymore without looking over my shoulder for a Psycho with a AR?

Most Importantly I want to know, How is it now acceptable to ‘Look the Other Way’ while babies are Locked in Cages?

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers are taken from their mothers arms and Lock Up in Cages like Stray Animals in a Kennel. Many of these little immigrant Children can’t even talk yet. They can’t say, “I’m hungry, or I’m Cold, or frightened, or sick.” They are all filthy from sleeping on the floor, all neglected, and all crying for Mama.

But their Mama can’t hear them, or help them, because she is locked up in a different cage for political purposes. She is also hungry, and scared, and she can’t hear her babies crying for help.

Can you even Imagine ‘Your Babies’ being treated in such a manner?

As a Mother, I am truly ashamed. 

I will Loudly Express my Shame and Strong Disapproval at the 2020 Elections when I go Vote.

This should Not be happening in America.

Enough is Enough.

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