Angel Sins - Darwun St. James
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ANGEL SINS (Angel Sins series Book 1)

by Author Darwun St James


by Author Darwun St James

“ANGEL SINS” is a seductive lure  that gives us “guilt-free” permission to indulge in our unrequited fantasies. This New Adult spicy cocktail of suspense will keep you up all night and eroticize your dreams. Bi-Hetero Teen Stripper witnesses a Murder and Runs for her life.  Joan of Arc Angel tells us her shocking story of hope in a Nonstop Journey of sexual exploration, personal empowerment and autonomy.

Book Quotes

“My neck is an erogenous zone and his kisses distracted all thoughts as I offered my mouth and my forgiveness.”

“I think I remember Elvis and Marilyn Monroe partying with us all night. Ugh I think …I am going to throw up.”

“Jessie, will you be my Princess Leia?”

“I will André, if you will be my Luke Skywalker”


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